Pancakes & Booze Art Show

back Again, ALWAYS A BLAST

The April 2017 Pancakes & Booze DC art show was A BLAST! Extremely thankful for everyone that came out to support. The DJs were great, had me dancing around all night. Sold an original piece (yesssssssssssssssssssssss) and PLENTY of prints. So pumped to create more and pursue more shows, thinking of joining the Pancakes & Booze Baltimore art show. 

Showed one of my more conceptual pieces, Slaves to Our Masks, and had a great response to my surprise. I'll need to do more conceptual work in the future. The story behind the painting: my interpretation of modern day slavery--we go through the world wearing masks to hide our true identities for fear of not fitting in and being judged/stereotyped. But we are slowly getting to a place in society where we feel more comfortable showing our true natural, beautiful selves without fear of retribution (thus the crack in the mask).

Stay tuned for new work and more shows! Still working on putting together a solo show.

This was my third time joining the line up for the DC Pancakes & Booze and I would venture to say that I'm becoming a mainstay at this event. I love interacting with the crowd and showing my work for this underground art event--bringing more art and culture to the DC area.