Wacky Waffles, Commissioned Art

The owner of the Wacky Waffles Cafe in Baltimore, MD wanted mainstay artwork that represented the WWC brand. His specific inspiration was pop art, so of course, I was excited to have so much creative freedom! 

This commission came in the midst of me exploring my mixed media collage style, so I was really excited to apply it to something completely different. My imagination ran wild with a theme of “wacky pop art” and the vibrant WWC brand colors. 

Combining my graphic design and artistic sensibilities to create one distinct subject with multiple variations created a great pop-art vibe filled with whimsy and intrigue. Each piece has a mixed media component to it: textured metallic paint, African wax fabric, glitter, painted twine, deconstructed leis, and faux flower petals. This has been one of my favorite projects to work on, it was sooooo much fun. 

As I continuously hear, pictures of my work pale in comparison to seeing them in person. So take a trip to the cafe when you get a chance.