Take Me to Wonderland, Solo Exhibition

This collection was created to push my boundaries and challenge myself to reimagine what materials can be used to create art. As I meandered the aisles of Michaels I came across preserved moss and was enthralled by the colors and textures. It looked so fantastical! Each piece is like its own little world and I imagine the moss as the sky/clouds the people in that world see from their point of view.

This series was created in conjunction with the newly opened Wacky Waffles Cafe in Baltimore, MD. WWC will feature a rotating gallery of local artists — see the commissioned pieces for the cafe.

Contact me or the restaurant to purchase. You are responsible for retrieving any work purchased.

Rectangular pieces: 17x27 inches, $450 each
Square pieces: 16x16 inches, $300 each

On display at Wacky Waffles Cafe, 40 N Streeper St, Baltimore, MD