Mozaik 2022 Future Art Awards, Grant Winner

Pieces from my NFT collection "A World Within" were selected for the grant. This art collection started from curiosity about the NFT space and creating more digital art. I would never have fathomed I would win an award for creating this work! 

The 2022 Future Art Awards: The Digital Awakening honors outstanding contemporary artworks, individual NFTs as well as NFT collections for creative excellence across the following categories: originality, personality, quality of composition, creativity, skills, concepts of activism, justice or representation, overall emotional impression and adherence to the awards’ theme: The Digital Awakening.

An arts-based exploration and interrogation of meta-futures

As human beings begin to shift away from the physical world in favor of virtual and augmented realities, the world of art stands at the center of a global movement where immersive worlds, online avatars, and the advent of a digital blockchain-based-future will inevitably have a profound impact on art, culture, politics, activism and the economy. 

Between May 1st and July 15th, 2022, the 4th Annual Future Art Awards: The Digital Awakening extended an open call to U.S. artists from all walks of life, and creative expressions wishing to use their art to reimagine what a high-tech, highly connected future metaverse could look that is also deeply human.

An independent jury of artists and arts professionals reviewed each work of art through a blind review process.

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