2020 Traffic Box Art Wraps

More artwork immortalized in Edmonston, MD

In 2018, 2 of my pieces were selected to adorn 4 traffic boxes in Hyattsville.

Since 2016, the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation has facilitated a program designed to transform select traffic signal cabinets in Prince George’s County into public artworks. Traffic signal cabinets – the stainless steel structures located at signalized intersections – are vulnerable to graffiti and vandalism. This project utilizes a public art application to address community blight and enhance the visual landscape.

This year, the Hyattsville CDC gained a new partner in the Town of Edmonston and wrapped 7 traffic/utility boxes around the town this fall.



Location: 5122 Kenilworth Ave

Ivy is the embodiment of a femme fatale — beautiful, strong, and mysterious…captivating viewers with her mesmerizing gaze.


Location: 4836 Kenilworth Ave

African Americans may not have a direct connection to our African ancestors, but their spirits and influence are rooted in our blood memory, and our cultural hairstyles are a direct reflection of that. Bantu knots are a traditional African hairstyle that has been around for over 100 years — originated by the Zulu people of South Africa. Like many historical cultural references, African Americans have kept them alive in modern times, with many celebrities honoring our ancestors and adorning these knots. It always intrigues me how we have a natural proclivity to incorporate or seek out references from our ancestors. It’s in our roots! Yep... a hair pun 😉