2018 Traffic Box Art Wraps

Artwork immortalized across Hyattsville, MD

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So honored that 2 of my 3 entries were selected among 63 entries for the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (CDC)’s 2018 Traffic Box Art Wrap Program! The program is a fantastic way to bring art to the community—enhancing the aesthetics of the city and bringing art to people in an unexpected way. Traffic signal cabinets or “traffic boxes,” are the steel structures located near every signalized intersection that are often subject to graffiti and vandalism. Learn more about the program here.

6 out of 31 artists were selected to have their art murals installed on traffic boxes across the city of Hyattsville. 4 of the 15 traffic boxes are adorned with two of my chosen designs (below). The art wraps will remain up indefinitely.

About the pieces


Locations: (1) Baltimore Ave & Hamilton St, (2) 38th Ave & Gaines Alley

Niqabi is my ode to muslim women.  When I see them in their traditional modest garments I always find them mysterious — wondering what beauty lies beneath the veil. In recent years, I love how fashion designers are incorporating lavish fabrics/pattern in their traditional garments allowing women to show their individuality.

I Am Not Your Target

Locations: (1) Queens Chapel Rd & East-West Hwy, (2) Baltimore Ave & Charles Armentrout Dr

This graphic is my abstract approach to my disdain for the upsurge in mass shootings across  America.  The overlapping of bullseyes and the interwoven red bullseyes depict people standing together in solidarity against gun violence.

As a black man, I’m always affected by the news of shootings and racial stereotyping/harassment because it could easily be me. I’ve certainly had a panic attack/depression dealing with all these events. It’s like, if you knew me as a person you’d know I’m just a fun, vibrant person that wouldn’t harm anyone—unless provoked, of course. But as people, we see outward appearances before anything. So if someone saw a statuesque black in a random scenario and they don’t like what I’m doing or feel threatened “just because” then I should be harassed because of the color or my skin.

Then, I just have to deal with it because the powers that be aren’t going to be on my side 9 times out of 10. What kind of existence is that…UGH. Anyway, this is my attempt at a positive spin on such a heavy topic.