Wall Art Size Guide

The basic sizes of wall art and the suggested placement for the maximum wow-factor.

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Even when you know what you're looking for, choosing the correct art for your home is not an easy process. Between decor colors, personal preferences, price points, and size constraints it can be difficult to finally pull the trigger and know that a piece will work in your home. Here is a break down of the different sizes of wall art available. Dispel some of the confusion involving size and placement, and learn how to find the perfect-sized art piece for your space.


When determining which size of artwork you'd like to place in your home, different sizing terms can be confusing without a reference point. However, size conventions across our site are consistent and are outlined below so you know exactly what to expect.

I create most originals and all prints in a variety of standard industry sizes, which makes buying frames a breeze. Whether you're displaying your wall art in a group or alone, consider how it will look compared to the size of your furniture.

Note: Commissioned pieces can range in sizes outside these standard industry sizes

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8x10 inches

These pieces of art are slightly smaller than a sheet of paper. Though mini wall art pieces can stand alone, they are best used as part of a grouping or collection.

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16x20 inches

About the length of a microwave. Like mini wall art, small wall art is often most impactful in a grouping or paired with another print for a symmetrical look.


18x24 or 24x30 inches

Depending upon the size of the space you're decorating, a medium-sized piece of wall art could stand alone, or be used as an anchor for a gallery wall or grouping.


24x36 or 30x40 inches

About 2 1/2 feet to nearly 4 feet. A wall can look complete with just one piece of large art, creating a classic look.


Larger than 30x40

Pieces this size can stand alone as focal points of a wall or room. Spaces should be measured before installing a piece of oversized wall art as the piece can overwhelm small walls.


Gallery walls are a great, inexpensive way to fill your home with your favorite pieces. A gallery wall can be placed anywhere—one of the best spots is on a large, empty wall. Having enough blank space around the artwork ensures the arrangement does not look cluttered. Read the guide on how to create a gallery wall for more tips.